Mr. & Mrs Eder are going to marrry in december

Mr. & Mrs Eder are going to marrry in december



HIV, SARS, BSE, bird flu, swine flu – our world and our perception of it has changed in the past few decades.

we are steering towards a bizarre, grotesque new world fraught with danger, re-defining our way of life and our possible perspectives.

we feel as if we are waging constant war against ubiquitous micro-organisms that always seem to be one step ahead of us, constantly evolving to become more resistant against our defence mechanisms.

the world around us, our food and direct contact pose a constant threat, slowly but surely shrinking the radius of our mobility. filled with paranoia, we are stumbling into a future in which panic, fear, clean rooms, sterility and pharmacological paraphernalia will constitute part of our daily life.

in an allusion to the blockbuster movie “12 monkeys”, the series “11 chicken – the final attack“ gives us glimpses of an absurd, threatening and grotesque world in which we are confronted with the consequences of our actions.

 patermo bettina

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Lucia Di Blasi
6 years ago
Lucia Di Blasi Architect
Very very good.!!!
7 years ago
Cat Premium Photographer
Bonne chance avec cette belle oeuvre !
Lelya Borisenko
7 years ago
I like it!!!!! beautiful work!
7 years ago
... pare che alla maggioranza vada bene così , incredibile ma vero !!

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