"Belka and Strelka. The First dogs in Space"

"Belka and Strelka. The First dogs in Space"

Sculpture, Animal, Abstract informal, Metal, 150x130x150cm
Sometimes I feel myself like a dog in the spaceship. I'm barking, I'm spluttering to the little window, I'm raging, I'm howling, I'm trying to bite off the piece from the star
Weightlessness!! My tail climbs into my nose...
That's that!! And I can't to do anything at all!!
I'm like The Tin Woodman in the water.
And than I fall asleep .
One more sculpture is ready.
Every time I promise myself do not create sculptures, paintings, drawings anymore... because it is very hard
But it comes from inside of me against my will...
Im in Art its like pure soviet dogs which were thrown into open space.
Throes of creation.

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