"That day i met you"

"That day i met you"

Digital Photography, Abstract informal, Digital, 2592x1944cm
The most silent place for a meeting: the Air.
It happened to me to meet her while I was flying above a rough
terrain. At every turn we were getting closer and closer, until a
terrible noise suddenly blasted off: my heart beat...
That proved that something very important had happened: she helped me to finally move from my isolation.

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Yuri Ivanenko
11 years ago
Yuri Ivanenko Artist
It is fantastic view and photo technics. Very interesting work!
Experience of life with  Emily Eunjue Hayes
11 years ago
We never know what is coming around the conner of our life. I met you today here in Celeste prize. I've never dreamth in my life that I would be here and meet my friends from all around the world. Karma. Path was choosen way before we deciede what or how to happen as much as we had no choice where to born in this world. All is in meant to be. Karmatic.
Wonerful, wonderful, wonderful title say's it all. We all are here for the calling in our life.

Your friend emily eunjue hayes

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