Video, Human figure, Landscape, Short film, 6:4
This work persists within a place of ‘not-quiteness,’ not quite costume, not quite fiber, landscape or environmental art, not quite performance. This ‘not-quiteness’ aims at defamiliarizing the more entrenched myths of completeness, beauty, and truth that have long sustained the Western Canon by ushering in different more uncomfortable myths: myths of grotesque femininity, of well-disguised, shape-shifting outsiders, of placelessness.
This work does not attempt to overwrite traditional aesthetics, rather tries them on – only to reveal how mis-fit they actually are. It attempts to untangle these myths and braid them together in new ways. Venus rises from the sea, inside-out, skirting the line between the beautiful and grotesque. A back serves as a kind of stage for an image, the original crispness of which gives way to the volume and contours of the body-as-screen, causing the eye to shift from plane to plane, between landscape, body and the space of projection. The figure consistently stands in the center of the frame as a spectral caryatid whose costume moves with the environment, exposing its materiality, and often the skin beneath. The stillness of the mythological figure is questioned, why choose to occupy a place without being of it?

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Masami Teraoka
7 years ago
Breaking out of the norm of aesthetics and narrative or performance convention seems to present unique vision and challenge to this author. Aloha!
donato arcella (spazi.Lolli)
7 years ago
Grande forza simbolista. Complimenti !!!
Geoff Dunlop
7 years ago
Geoff Dunlop Artist
There are fascinating connections between this (and your related piece on Vimeo) and my own contribution to The End. But the intentions may be quite different - or at least the way we "describe" our work

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