Video, Architecture, Landscape, Animation, 4:40
Digital animation of original photographs and downloaded images structured as a continuous loop. Intended for display as large scale projection with sound.

Today, location is not so much defined by geography, but by our position within the complex web of processes that make up contemporary society. My work attempts to capture such a situation, caught in a perpetual state of transit where increasing complexity is often presented as the illusion of ‘progress’.

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Gabriele Di Stefano
10 years ago
: ) real
Miranda Kalefi
10 years ago
votato,congratulazioni.i like it.
Surabhi  Saraf
10 years ago
Surabhi Saraf Artist
Very very Cool, I love it! and Congratulations.
Jesús Olmo
10 years ago
Jesús Olmo Artist
Paul Sucksmith
10 years ago
Top fun, it makes me laugh
Peter Monkman
10 years ago
Peter Monkman Artist
Great work - absurd, amusing and rooted in my everyday life!
David Theobald
10 years ago
Probably a bit sunnier where you are.
Celeste Pierson
10 years ago
Tomorrow on my commute into Miami to work...I'll just pretend I'm in this video and smile....thank you!

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