Nicht Gerettet

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Nicht Gerettet

Since a few years we have been focusing on the topic of catastrophes, and the way media determines borders and dimensions through the diffusion of images and texts in newspapers, TV and social networks. What's interesting is the adoption of a Hollywood-style language for every type of catastrophe. Fear and danger are constantly evoked both by the media, which adopts a Hollywood acting language, and the entertainment businesses (movies and videogames), both, turn everything into a stimulus which elaborates images into an imminent apocalyptic topic, covered in a parallel way and not in contrast to the media language.
We are in doubt, that catastrophe (from Greek, Katastrophe: upheaval) is in reality nothing else but a flow, within which we are already living.
In relation to catastrophe we have carried out the project “Nicht Gerettet”. Nicht Gerettet #3 was carried out and presented in Kronstadt (Russia) during an artist residency in collaboration with the National Centre of Contemporary Art, and is composed of Cinemagraphies: pictures in which you can find dynamic details in contrast with the strongly static nature of photography. In this case the images show their fusion between photography and video which mislead the observer giving him the sensation of suspended time. For time suspension we mean that it is impossible to calculate the flow of time because of the loop in the editing of the cinemagraphies. The result is an apocalyptic
vision given by the time suspension, which freezes an action exactly when the catastrophe is going to happen, in anycase some elements have fallen into a different time-dimension and keep being dynamic.

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Andrea Ciresola
5 years ago
Veramente elegante! Mi piace

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