Reverse Crucifixion

Reverse Crucifixion

Sculpture, Sacred / Mythological, Metal, 110x278x45cm
Without dissolving the faith in God, in this work the artist inverts the factors of one of the most important symbols in human history. In the various interpretations of the crucifixion made R03;R03;art had never reversed the role of the elements, with the consequent distortion of meaning. The intent, in fact, is to return it to focus the attention on man rather crucify those symbols and political, social and religious over the centuries, but even today, are difficult to cross walls and constant sources of conflict. Right to ask God for the things that happen in the world when we should ask ourselves. The evil is our face, not to Satan or the carelessness of God
Crucify the cross is not to kill her. Jesus on the cross gives us life, and the cross crucified man gives us freedom, freedom of denudarci any ideological or religious dress to stay naked before the true nature of the human, benign and malignant at the same time.

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