Painting, Abstract informal, Mixed technique, 120x90x3cm
"This world needs beauty in order not to fall into despair" (Ecumenical Council Vatricano II) The whole of creation and the heartbeat of the cosmos sends echoes of consolation and can change the heart. * The art questions the destiny of man and gives answers fear **, but also communicates "amazement", the wonder at the life that regenerates itself. ***. Art is an expression of man's inner space ****, is a vehicle of knowledge and of spiritual elevation, is also painful to overcome the distance between a man and another man, between man and his life, in a clash that does not fear death ***** physical, but rather spiritual death. The art is an act of faith in life and conscious life itself. The canvas becomes the heart of the earth ****** landscape of the soul, where it destroys and creates, where he suffers and rejoices in its fibers leaving blood and tears to give birth to the amazement and the universal expectation of redemption in the consciousness, thus giving shape and meaning to life. The artist continues the work of creation 'cause draws on the same source of love. *

works * 1-4, -2-3 ** 5 ***** 6 *** 7 **** 9

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7 years ago
Grazie Giuli.
7 years ago
che meraviglia !!!!!!!!!

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