Video, Architecture, Landscape, Computer graphics, 7:34
Stimulation is a video that tracks the digital transformation, or renovation, of a large, period property. The work is part of my series, ‘Navi’ Mumbai, which means ‘new’ Mumbai and references a particular neighbourhood. It looks explicitly at the theme of urban development in the ever-transforming metropolis. My work considers the role of imagination, the meaning of beauty, and my personal response to change.
The scaffolding encasing the property forewarns its ultimate demolition; thus, the cursor begins by erasing the clunky superstructure, and then ceaselessly moves with a beautifying purpose. The creation of a fluid, continuous film gives the piece a dreamlike quality; it reads like a dance or a piece of music as the viewer is taken on a journey, delighted and surprised by its virtuosity, creativity and beauty. The transformation evokes awe and wonderment yet there are also moments of humour, such as the miraculous replication of the flower boxes, which lends a playful naivety to the work. The work evokes a sense of whimsy and hope, a direct contrast to the dissolution of architectural heritage taking place in 'reality.' The lack of sound heightens the intensity of the video, contributing to the dream-like sense of peace.

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