Attraverso” is an endless video performance, moving incessantly from one place to another with Fragile, my partner. My collaboration with Fragile started in 2005 and since then we work together. What is important to explain about the performance “Attraverso” is that it is something endless, because I travel, I bring with me Fragile everywhere I go, conditioning in this way my life´s naturalness. I persistently go through places because I think ambient is the only thing that is able to change despite it seems always the same: in this eternity that go on modifying itself silently it is possible to carve the time through the passage of our actions. Dragging, transporting, accompanying Fragile, I want to talk about a body into a body through a body, investigating about tha nature eternity, that change itself evolving, endlessly.The individual can not understand itself in its essential true, it believes to think about Existence, but it forget to ask itself about its true, about its end.
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