Painting, Portrait, Human figure, Nude, Oil, 31x47cm
The kind of painting I do is often looking at people: I'm fascinated by them moods, gestures, wrinkels, expressions and discrepances between surfaces and substances. What attracts me in a face are wrinkels: scares of sadness, hopes, desires, a merciless map of life's evil, often badly hidden behind a smile. I develop paintings by pictures taken by myself with a digital camera, these are translated into paintings via several glazes of oil colours. Final touches are painted from life

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Carol Gianotti
9 years ago
stupenda questa tela! paola i miei complimenti più sinceri :)
marco mattei
10 years ago
marco mattei Artist
Elvira Falcone
10 years ago
mirella bitetti
11 years ago
ma come faiiii???? complimenti
Richard Geraint Evans
11 years ago
I share your fascination with moods etc. Your painting is a great expression of your ideas. Well done.

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