My Digital Plague

My Digital Plague

Installation, Fantasy / Visionary, Human figure, Various materials, 800x400x300cm
I’m dragged into a virtual world of codes daily. There in that valley, an irresistible fascination and a whispering concern, transforms me into something alien - battling my digital demons.
Every day is inevitably tiring; I click, type and enter this world. Suddenly I’m surrounded by an overwhelming invasion of aliens. I backspace; try to shift, but their mobility and fashionable grip on me Ctrl my moves. Then I pause - break, try to upgrade my hits: 1, 2, 3. But the aliens inject me with their multiple insidious diseases. I slowly contract some insane after effect experiences: Speed dial moves, focus on subjects, zoom in, zoom out, click on this , click on that -Bluetooth into the brain, just couldn’t get my senses. I twitted, I tagged; it became worse.
Before I realized it, I was a half alien, locked up in the “Silly Valley”, Googling my dreams to be one of them, with my Negro skin suffering the hypodermic injections of their insatiable grid.

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