My Light Lie

My Light Lie

Painting, Portrait, Acrylic, 120x100cm
The face in first plan is realized to acrylic, but with the technique of the watercolour: the grey are gotten with veilings to lose, some time darkened a zone not it can clear anymore. The white of the canvas is the light point.
Because of this processing is attentive and meticulous, and long time for achievement.
The result is an image that at first glance seems printed, but approaching is clear the entirely manual processing.
Wallpaper is decorative, at black acrilic with the golden flowers.
With the two techniques combined, the face in first plane emerges from the wallpaper.

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Richard Geraint Evans
11 years ago
lovely. Original and entrancing.
Sara Scaramelli
11 years ago
Conosco il tuo lavoro, l'ho visto a Riva del Garda, mi piace pop con un po' di barocco contemporaneo, di grande effetto, non dimentichi il decorativismo
Sandro Martiniello
11 years ago
gran bel lavoro...complimenti

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