Snatur All

Snatur All

Painting, Political / Social, Acrylic, 70x50cm
This work is a reminder for me to remember that we humans, as a species 'evolved' and therefore more 'strong' have a responsibility to ensure to all other living creatures life dignified.
Everyone can see how well the animals are sentient beings, capable of feeling emotions equal to our own, able to communicate and understand as well as we are able to even choose just like we do.
The character of the picture, cruel man dressed as a clown, grotesque symbol of human action, uses other living beings for their own gain, while behind the audience pays for her own fun, making it no less guilty. And while the kids are fans mocked the tragic spectacle, the elephant thinks of her puppy that will never see again.
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7 years ago
grazie dell'amicizia bello il quadro sono d'accordo che bisogna trattare bene gli animali ma il concetto evoluzionistico non fa per me che credo in Dio

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