Passato, presente e futuro

Passato, presente e futuro

Digital Graphics, Memory, Human figure, Computer graphics, 70x70x2cm
Asks the Sphinx to Oedipus: "Who, despite having one voice, it becomes quadrupedal,tripede and bipedal." The man. The man in the three main stages of life: childhood, when a child walking crawling on hands and feet; adulthood, when only strong and vigorous walking on two legs, and old age, when it holds on the stick that is for him as a third leg.
A theme, the passage of time, has always frightened man, ancestral fear, to which they are dedicated countless artists in the most varied forms of art.
We are far from allegory "Venus, Cupid and Time" by Agnolo Bronzino in 1546 where they are optimistically exalted those conditions that can also withstand the inexorable to action Time: Love, Hope and Beauty.
The years pass and feel that youth runs away like a moment: it was yesterday, it's already tomorrow. Thus was born the work of computer graphics canvas print "Past, Present and Future."
Suggestive, the image of the woman of remarkable beauty, which reflects his own image in a large mirror, where light rays emerge unreal, floating in the surrounding area. In the mirror can not see the young woman, but an old woman and a little girl: the past and the future.
Sadness and fear take possession of the soul of the woman who covers her eyes with her hands.

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