Particolare de "la leggenda dell'albero che amava una rosa"

Particolare de "la leggenda dell'albero che amava una rosa"

Trees are one of my favourite subjects, non only: they supply me with materials my creations are made of. This tree spoke to me one day about his love for a red rose. Her roots planted in his heart. He creates flowers always new to show her his love. Flowers dancing in trails of light towards infinity

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Valentyna Yevteyeva
11 years ago
Oltre a creare le splendide ed uniche opere, sai pure parlare di questi in maniera straordinaria e portarci dentro a questi..
Grazie cara!
Silvia Logi
11 years ago
Silvia Logi Artist
A man in love could be a tree with his branches and roots stretching out as arms that want to hug his beloved rose/woman and the whole world with her.We' re everything and everyhing is inside us and we feel this condition so clearly when feel real love.. Thanks for your wonderful comments. A big hug, Silvia
Experience of life with  Emily Eunjue Hayes
11 years ago
Matter or life, anything from this nature has its own life like ours. I love to hear your story. It is the voice of universe to share their love through tree. All is here to be one and to share love of the universe, nature,wisdom, god... etc. We will hear the voice to love and nurture us, if we only allow them to speak and we focus to the voice.

I wanted to say hi and to communicate with you through visit you Silvia. We all know there are whole lot of love in this universe to share. Good~ day

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