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This artwork consists of a series of piles of leaves that move in the smooth motion of a resting breath, the work is silent in sound except for the noise of the leaves touching. Site specific to the city, the artwork exist in both outdoor and indoor spaces for a duration from a few hours to a few weeks.
These small selected clips show the initial installation during 2008 where the work was placed, filmed and photographed in multiple locations through out New York City during the day and night.
The installations exists with no explanation and are intended for both live viewing and for being seen via recorded film. The recorded film is in two forms:
Part 1: Shows each individual leaf pile looped in a sequence playing on a wall mounted flat screens. It is aimed that this work will be shown in a Building that functions as a Cross roads between Government and the Cities Inhabitants.
Part 2: Is a never ending documentation, that records the artwork in every location it is shown in throughout in its existence. Stitching each time it is exhibited together to form one unending film, documenting the relationship between the environment, people and the artwork through time.

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Helena Hamilton
8 years ago
Brilliant! I really like this a lot.
javier milara
9 years ago
javier milara Artist
congrats! it's really good!
Christiane Bernreuther
9 years ago
Congratulation, very good idea, I like it and I love New York !!!
Surabhi  Saraf
10 years ago
Surabhi Saraf Artist
This is great!
Yuri Ivanenko
10 years ago
Yuri Ivanenko Artist
Clement! your amazing work one of the best around competition! You are Great!
10 years ago
microbonet Institution
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fabrizio  guerra
10 years ago
fabrizio guerra Art lover
it's magic and j like it
Paola Calcatelli
10 years ago
This is the first installation I really enjoy very much. Congratulations!

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