Gita's Rubble

Gita's Rubble

Digital Graphics, Ideas, Fantasy / Visionary, Nude, Landscape, Computer graphics, 135x96x5cm
Sometimes, I walk down the streets of concrete and tar, and listen to the silent screams of commodities consumed. And then I retreat to the pathways of sand and dust, and I feel the embers of an affectionate innocence once lost.

Using the human face of the ultimate trade of prostitution, as a metaphor for the faces that we wear in our daily life’s trades, I attempt to humanise the acceptable unspeakables.

Through the medium of photographic print, I relish in destroying images in order to create aged yet futuristic dreamlike visions. Layers of photographic images are overlayed, saturated and broken down through digital media and interposed with misplaced objects, each paradoxically symbols of both hope and despair, offering different meanings to a surreal and symbolic landscape.

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Lucia Cannone
7 years ago
Lucia Cannone Artist
Different and Nice.
Fabio Cappellini
7 years ago
Fabio Cappellini Artist, Photographer, Journalist
Una meraviglia !
Bravissima, per concetti, composizione e tecnica.

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