Video, Philosophy, Political / Social, Short film, 6:10
This video represent the final point of a long theoretical path mostly focused on philosophy:
What power is?
Which shapes it has and had?
And how it influences the building process of our society?
My path was either theoretical and practical; influenced by philosophers such as Micheal Foucault, Gilles Deleuze, Hillman, Weber and Machiavelli, writers like Kafka, Orwell, Burroughs, I interviewed artists, soldiers, cartoonists, I made reasearch in archives and in parallel to this I collected a long series of drawings, schemes, writings, comics, collages, paintings and photographs all archived in a 398 pages book.

My research ended up with the production of a video.
The video is divided in 5 parts and it was completely shot in Holland, where there are three of the prisons built on the project of the Panopticon by J. Bentham, architectural metaphor of the disciplinary society .
The camera that I used was accidentally broken so the images were distorted.
To my footages I linked the production of a series of sounds developed mostly on low frequencies, to create a synaesthesia between the images and the sounds, and trying to make them cohesive with what Foucault says about discipline society.

All sounds by Giulia Valenti
Please wear earphones or use good speakers.

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