Digital Photography, Nude, Animal, Plants , Technological, Mixed technique, 119x82x3cm
our skin is to some degree our point of disclosure to the world, imparting our bodies' histories, the condition of our health and vigor, how old we are, where we might be from.  but when compared with other species, our austere bodies are fairly useless for actual communication. how and what might our skin communicate if we had some of the more sophisticated tools found in animals & plants?
the TEGUMENT series was inspired by a chance snapshot of a friend caught sitting in the path of a projector during the artist's previous group art show. for the final works, custom digital algorithms suggestive of algorithms found in nature's patterns, textures, camouflage, and organic structures were projected onto the human form and manipulated live with only partial control over the output of the algorithms. the results, which were almost as surprising to the artist as to the viewer, were captured in photographs and video and processed with minimal retouching.


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