Room of memories # 1-Chiara Pino

Room of memories #1 is the first act, the first part of the memories of the artist who becomes a critique of the conformism of today's society, with reference to the female world. A World rarefied the image of Barbie introduced in our minds from an early age bringing the woman to have a vision of your body wrong plastic.,Transforming the concept of woman in the flesh into a doll with a body made ​​up. A world of women bent to the stereotype that becomes the icon of female slavery. Room of memories is an act ironic but at the same time dramatic, punctuated by the sound of a music box out of tune. The man is a victim of its own commodification and consumerism elected system of life, it consumes the life of the human being until it becomes devoid of reality. The artwork is an autobiographic video-performance, realized editing 762 photos, shooted with a mobile phone.
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