Come have your picture standing on a Westerner (Documentation Video)

Live Media, Political / Social, Live audio/visual
This is the video documentation of a performance.
It is meant to be shown as an installation together with some of the 70 polaroid pictures and name sheets taken while filming. I've inserted some at the end of this video and you can also see the them on my cstudios page.

The permissive, almost masochistic attitude the West often adopts in the hope past misbehaviors and violence
against the East will now be forgotten and important commercial relationships will not be compromised, is the
centre of this performance filmed in December 2008 in four very busy spots in Shanghai.
People walking by were invited to stop for a minute and let a photographer take 2 instant pictures as they
posed standing on or sitting on me, while I was laying on the ground. They could then take one of the pictures while
the other I kept as documentation along with a little sheet of paper where people wrote their contact details.

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