heim(at) America

heim(at) America

Dauercampen in the small car: Because of the real estate crisis more and more US citizens lives in the car.

Our work is a three-dimensional model of modelling clay (29 cm x 29 cm x 9 cm) and describes the loss of the property in the USA causes by the financial crisis which influences, in the meantime, whole world trade:

A passenger car stands parked at the street edge. In the vehicle lies an American family with her left-over belongings, besides there stands a tent. In the background a typical American little single-family dwelling, in the foreground a sign pointing to the street which offers the house to the sales...

The title refers to a worldwide become problem, which in his whole effects concerns not only the American continent. The often romantically idealised representation manner in Model sceneries is turned by our work in the opposite, because the shown is now reality.

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