Video, Spirituality, Portrait, Landscape, Short film, 2:36
Lavacri is a video performance that was born from a meeting and from simple actions, including a water trough and my desire to enter into a relationship with it and with images that reflect its nature in himself. Each report as well as every encounter can have a sacred character that leads us to experience a dimension of life that is fundamental and of which we humans we are a reflection, an image;wash and purify my image reflected in the dipping into the water.
Water as an existential metaphor, a space-time continuum of events.
Immersed in this extraordinary flow of information in the form of various sensory and emotional stimuli, we live our reality as spectators or agents, but this inevitably disturbs the flow by creating new ones on which mirror.
Lavacri is part of a series of video performances, where they are interested in the relationship between man and landscape and how this is modified by the conscious human presence.
A meeting between the exterior and interior landscapes landscapes where the "actions" are minimized, the movement and then the time is to highlight the invisible nature of existence that is the source and nourishment of our existence.

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