Monsieur et Madame Vieille à la plage

Monsieur et Madame Vieille à la plage

This image belongs to the series titled 'Air de Famille', furthermore than a personal research on my origins, this work is a tribute to my grand parents. The protagonists of this story re-interpret their own characters within sceneries in which they are the sole heirs, recalling a time that only outlives in their memories. The images featuring this old couple vibrate of a silent energy that spreads out from their looks: despite their age, these elderly appear, for their youthful spiritual presence, cast out into the future, suggesting the continuous renewal of humanity.

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8 years ago
Avevo visto questo lavoro a Roma completo.
Sono totalmente innamorata di questo lavoro.Grazie!
Bettina Patermo
9 years ago
so great!!! my work has a lot to do with yours, look at my page, greatings bettina
jaya  suberg
9 years ago
jaya suberg Artist
thanks for this interesting and beautiful issue! love, jaya
Lapo Simeoni
9 years ago
Lapo Simeoni Artist
mi piace

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