Water, Water, Everywhere...

Installation, Abstract informal, Landscape, Video installation, 300x200cm
A series of photographs of abstract images of water photographed in Venice surround a video projection of a series of intricate abstract water images combined with New Music, producing a total room installation.
All images have been recorded in the last two years.
We upload a sample of the video which will be shown in the installation with many similar intricate water photographs.

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francesca noia
9 years ago
francesca noia Art lover
great work !!!
Sergio Laterza
10 years ago
Non ho capito molto che ci azzecca col tema della mostra, forse l'artista ha pensato a Venezia ed alla laguna ma è molto elementare.Vorrei che qualcuno me lospiegasse, anche in tedesco.
ira schneider
10 years ago
ira schneider Artist
The jumps in the video are not ours but internet errors.

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