bad medicines

bad medicines

Digital Photography, Still life, Digital, 40x60cm

In our society we have lost the capacity to handle the feelings that since the begin of our life are deeply inside in our soul: happines, anger, fear, sadness. So we ask more and more to medicines to be our filters, looking in them for help and answer. Now is possible to find medicines for everithings and we use them with the superficiality and lightness tipical of our side of the World. Calming medicine for children just because they acting as children. Antidepressant to who is just sad, stimulants for who is just tired, antibiotics to cure a cold and so on in a delirium of pills and colors. With this series (made of 100 photos) i give voice to medicines, and what they say to us is really far to be a solution or an answer. It's well known, medicine is bitter.

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