Big, Sure.

Big, Sure.

Grounded. Ephemeral. Big Sur holds you safely and profoundly.

While the work is not religious, I am inspired and challenged by the spirituality of nature and the nature of spirituality. Holding my right hand is Amedeo Modigliani, guiding the insightful, figurative side of my work. Holding my left is Franz Kline, upheaving the literal and inspiring the spontaneous drama. Above me is the eternal wisdom of the Hamadryads, informing my vision. Below me is Zen, providing ephemeral strength and weightless gravity. The result is a grounded exuberance that both calms and inspires my audience.

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Richard Geraint Evans
11 years ago
Beautiful. I could look at this all day.
Cristina Barrera
11 years ago
So silent and peaceful!!,Great the words!

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