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Site-specific installation, book 42x29 cm, 7 of 100 pages of uncoated paper, total weight 800 g, 1/10 copies , 24 photographs on forex 15x10 cm each, terracotta pot, sensors
and speakers , audio files, environment
The installation consists of an artist's book on a upside down big terracotta pot, a sound system spreading the sound recording of the voices of the people who work in the garden, and a series of 24 photographs printed on forex, scattered among the jars on the shelves of the cold greenhouse. The 100 pages of the book reproduce photographs taken by the artist during her visits to the Winter Garden; to the terrace of a hotel 700 meters far from the Garden; and an abandoned henhouse 17 km away from the Garden. The images show the indoors and outdoors of the garden and the dismissed spaces and portray fragments and
glimpses of the park in a continuous feedback of information. The sound is activated by sensors placed in the book proximity so to activate a sound environment around it. Made dynamic by the presence of the sound, the book becomes this way the protagonist of the work. The images of the artist’s mapping of this place and its connections with the outside world animate with the voices of the human community who maintains the vegetable species of the Garden.
The comparison between the indoor and outdoor states, held in tension by the images of the book, tells the story of this journey of visions and explorations made by the artist. The
human community portrayed in the sound around the book creates, as is the style of the artist, a very familiar place and soundscape of actions and connections, voices and feelings.

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