The Sound of Life

Installation, Spirituality, Fantasy / Visionary, Other metal, 150x150x50cm
“The sound of life” is an artistic installation dedicated to the music.
Completely aluminum made, it puts in evidence the feature of this metal that usually is less valorized: its musicality. With this work I wanted to combine esthetical properties like ductility and strength of the support with harmonic and pure resonance of the Chime. This musical instrument can be tuned to various tonal scales and it merges the technical research in the field of sound with symbolic meaning of peace and serenity in reference to oriental philosophy. Thanks to its clean and clear tones, it recalls viewer’s attention, catching breath of wind and soul.
The visible part of the installation is completed by the audible element. A fetal heartbeat, an adult heartbeat and then the heartbeat of a senior till the rhythm stopping, scans the vital cycle of a person. The Chime sound, activated by a breath that comes from the installation, closes the sequence. This rhythmic progression underlines how the heart beat is the vital music who continuously attends us from fetal state for all our life showing how the music is much more close to us than we think, it is inside us.

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Corrado Lippi
6 years ago
Corrado Lippi Artist
Grande comunque e sempre.
Maristella  Angeli
7 years ago
Maristella Angeli Premium Artist, Painter
Molto interessante!

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