Digital Photography, Memory, Landscape, Mixed technique, 320x220cm
"1930/2013" has been inspired by Roland Barthes' paper "La Chambre claire. Note sur la photographie", in which the author explores the concept of photogrhaphic memory. The work is indeed a reflection over the meaning of an image left withouth memory.

It has been realized using a whole photo album bought at an antique trade market: the aim was to give, through a minimal needlework, a new life to the image and to the meaning it can comunicate.

the thread, metaphor of the time passing by, represents, in this work, the connection between past and present

the awareness of the inevitable flow of time, that brings to the oblivium, is expressed by the coloured thread aimed to relieve the veil of melancholy suggested by Roland Barthes ' work. In this way 1930/2013 states that even what seems to be appereantly lost, is necessary for our existences.

Details of the work into portfolio 1930/2013:

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