Painting, Philosophy, Interiors, Acrylic, 70x50x4cm
In the foreground a cockpit-like cocoon welcomes in a womb. Lifebag is the title of this project realized by the artist-designer Adalgisa Romano, which is expressed using multiple languages​​. In this work is painting, lady immortal art, which retrieves the links with their Arkè. Adalgisa Roman conceives his works recalling and starting from the first principle of the creation of life. The perfect shape that indicates the cycle, such as the life of the born, grow, reproduce and die is essentially a circle, a sphere. One form this highly symbolic and involves gently enclosing anyone who wants to surrender to his yoke. Diaphanous and transparent sphere, sometimes dotted with color in other works, here is a reminder of the uterine liquid humus, moist and warm in which life is generated and grows. The operation that Adalgisa wants to accomplish is to remind the need, sometimes dozing man, to reclaim our origins and roots down again in touch with their inner essence.

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