Correspondence 4 Périphérique

Correspondence 4 Périphérique

In Correspondence 4, Périphérique, the image fragments were taken from my (documented) car journey around the outskirts of Paris late one winter night with a friend. The colour has been augmented, but is more varied due to the nature of city lighting from multiple sources. The 98 ‘balloon’ pointers are free, separate, but related elements in this wall-based piece.
The 98 components are arranged according to the sequence in which the original photographs were taken, and are arranged roughly in the shape of the city circuit.
This is one of a series of works which in which I am exploring the arrangement and dissemination of visual material on the internet and social media sites, and how this relates to other more phenomenological layers of consciousness, memory and imagination.

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Tanya Bartolini
7 years ago

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