Effacement 4 - Ein Hod M.J.

Effacement 4 - Ein Hod M.J.

Effacement 4 - Ein Hod M.J.
is part of a 6 part-series based on an original ball-pen drawing by Marcel Janco from 1960, which I found and bought at an Antique market in Tel Aviv, some time ago.
I photographed it first and then used the photoshop tool of "eraser" to make the depicted village of Ein Hod "disappear" in five stages of increasing "eraser" activity, each resulting in a separate photograph,The image I chose for the Celeste Prize is no.4 , one before the complete "disappearance " of the depicted village in Janco's drawing, in reference to the historic events in 1948.

It is equally a statement about the historic context of artifacts as well as a metaphoric intervention emphasizing what is covered up by the original drawing.

This is what Wikipedia says about Ein Hod:
The village is situated on a hillside amidst olive groves, with a view of the Mediterranean Sea and a twelfth-century Crusader fortress. Prior to the 1948 Arab-Israeli War Ein Hod was the site of the Palestinian village of Ein Hawd. Most of the Arab inhabitants were displaced as a result of the war but some remained in the area and settled nearby, forming a new village, also by the name of Ein Hawd. Ein Hod became an artists' colony in 1953.
The well-known Dada artist Marcel Janco was one of its founders.

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Andrea Morein
6 years ago
Andrea Morein Artist
thanx for the comments, dear Catherine and Aeneas!!
Aeneas  MacRae
6 years ago
Aeneas MacRae Artist
awesome work
celestino sebastiao
6 years ago
i do love it very much
6 years ago
Cat Photographer
Bonne chance !

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