The Resurrection

The Resurrection

This work is based on two historical paintings. The first painting is Pieter Breughel the Elder's 'The land of Cocagne'. The second painting is 'The Resurrection' by Piero de la Francesca in San Sepulcro, Italy. I united these compositions to make a work about death and resurrection. I adapted a lot of things in this bizarre drawing. First you see Christ with a hat rising from a well. On the well you'll see the carved text 'Ecce Homo' wich makes Christ a normal human being. The well symbolises a methaphoric fictive world. He carries a scythe instead of a staff. Around the well there are three figures of each (former) social class. They all died around the well. You can find symbols nearby the dead people explaining there social identity: The guy on the right for instance, has a hole in his hand (proverb concerning the merchant)...
All plants, objects and other visible elements refer to death, for instance: the cucumber plant, the anemone, a pollard willow, the fly agarics, the hemlock, the pierced babies...only 'Christ' survives. an unfortunate misunderstanding, because he is also bringer of death and madness (wears a 'mad hatters' hat).

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Waldemar Dabrowski
6 years ago
Very nice...!

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