Nazareth Elders - Source Unknown

Nazareth Elders - Source Unknown

I photographed a small faded black/white photo stuck on a stone-wall during a visit to the town of nazereth. I guess, it depicts a group of men who look like elders of town. At the bottom of the found photo there is an inscription in Arabic letters (which I can't read) and the year 1932.
Who are these men on the photo? What's the event they attended? This image haunted me and I decided to give the "unknown source" a ghost-like quality in my adapting it digitally. It feels like the "ghosts of the past" which looked at me from that stone-wall ... Even if I don't know the story behind the image, it is strongly suggestive of the past of the area.

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catherine burg
5 years ago
bonne chance !

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