In this video-essay contemplative images, confessions, theoretical
reflections, and an enigmatic electronic musical motif merge to form a
meditation on border life between the United State & Mexico. Based on
both years of ethnographic work in Tijuana and an ascetic shooting
schedule of 24hrs, the artist and anthropologist refracts her own
experience in the region by attempting to sculpt a textured living
portrait of the Wall that separates Tijuana and San Diego. Images of a
rusty wall, unruly topography, decaying surveillance structures,
furtive moments of undocumented migrant crossings, and dystopian
landscapes are interwoven with a mournful voice-over enunciated from a
different time and place. The fate of the Wall is sealed: its
remains are to be collected like forensic evidence by a visitor,
perhaps another anthropologist and artist, perhaps another
undocumented migrant, from the future.

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