subatomic particle

subatomic particle

Digital Graphics, Abstract geometrical, Technological, Generative graphics, 120x105cm

The exercise explores the relationship between scale and beauty. Therefore, the artistic process has to be innovative because the aim is to anticipate the possibility of a beauty that happens at the subatomic level. Transformation of structure through applied force within a very confirmed unity of empty space in the sense of simulating collusion of matter has proved to be an efficient form of producing the beauty of making or performance. In an era of unification of cultural heritages or homogenization of life styles, it is right to aesthetically explore the possibilities of a beauty at a scale that reveals the similarity of all of us, humans, and this is based on functionalism of matter. Because at this scale most of the existential reality is yet unknown, the probability of style categorization in terms of art practice falls in between abstractionism, if the anticipation is not successful and realism if the process reveals the structural organization of subatomic particles. To some extent, the initial supposition is that, at this scale, multiple sub-particles may occupy the same space due to the geometry and structure of matter which is mostly empty and in the form of tessellated expandable grids.

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6 years ago
robolotion Artist
Hi Sebastiao,

fascinating work! It looks like a simulation of a particle collision at the LHC (CERN), where physicists have recently found the Higgs boson.

Thank you for adding some of my works to your collection of favourites.

I'm curious to see your coming uploads.

Best wishes,
celestino sebastiao
7 years ago
thanks to everyone for your very admired and necessary support.
Janina Wieclawik
7 years ago
The scale and beauty ......................... .................. oh so great subtlety !! Warm congratulations. A long time I was not here, so the more I greet the Polish heat
aliz polgar
7 years ago
aliz polgar Artist
woow...very nice!!!
Paul Brotherton
7 years ago
Paul Brotherton Artist, Designer
Amazing work technically.....and beautiful visually.....
Rudolf Lichtenegger
7 years ago
giulio micheletti
7 years ago
sei un genio delle proiezioni nell'universo,cando dimensioni,colori ed entità di notevole bellezza e di grande architettura ,una volta celeste composta dalla tua mente,complimenti
Israel Aguirre Torres
7 years ago
I like it.
Gianpaolo Marchesi
7 years ago

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