Painting, Philosophy, Plants , Acrylic, 77x110cm
My paintings are inquiries into the intercultural aesthetics.

I intend to cast off the training, Western light-shadow technique which creates the illusions of the three dimensions. By retracing to Chinese ink painting aesthetics, I re-articulate the East aesthetics by using the contemporary vocabularies. 

My innovative painting method explores the creativity of 'being present'. 

Without a preconceived content and theme, the painting is initiated by the repeated acts of dripping and painting and the traces left on the canvas. After the long duration, many accumulated layers evoke the associations, revealing the potential themes. My method aims to return to the acts of painting, and creates rather than the abstract image, but the painting with the content. Yet, the content results from the accumulation of the purposeless acts which opens up the endless potentials. The creativity blossoms when one is dwelling in the state of unknowing: being present. 

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