(S)Composizione Roma Tiburtina 7

(S)Composizione Roma Tiburtina 7

(De)Compositions. Photography is a bi-dimensional art. It often presents us with effects of spatial compression transforming places thanks to the shot's framing, which may even be emphasized by the flattening effect of a zoom. Three-dimensional spaces are condensed into just two dimensions so that our condition of inside spectators, "into-the-place", becomes that of outside spectators, that is "out-of-place" subjects. The switch in perception from photography to installation allows us to get back "into the place", and regain a three-dimensional perception. Yet, this process is not "painless". Our own perception (dis)creates and (re)creates the space through an endlessly changing process. Such perception may be positive, enriching or may shatter our own vital environment. And this is also a metaphor for our path of inner evolution. Such a path constantly separates, produces, gathers, dissolves and rebuilds our ideas, perceptions and feelings in a way which may be enriching, but also self-destructive.

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Libra Larki
5 years ago
Libra Larki Artist
very nice composition...beautiful!
Daniela Boccaccini
6 years ago
bella, io la vedo come: (ri)comporre uno spazio positivo di crescita astratta. ciao
Aeneas  MacRae
6 years ago
Aeneas MacRae Artist
very nice work
6 years ago
....molto intrigante per me quest'opera...vi trovo una notevole affinità concettuale col mio GRUPPO 576...

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