Installation, Work, Still life, 70x40x25cm
Thermohygrograph2 examines the interaction of humans and technical environment through measuring, tracing and recording. The installation maintains a particular relation to the concept of time as a human conception and machines as a human invention. In this respect the main concept of naturality and artificiality in organised environments emerges.

Thermohygrograph2 is a site specific installation which consists of two thermohygrographs, devices which measure and record humidity and temperature in museums and galleries, placed next to each other. The duplication of the device does not affect the programming or the accuracy of data collection; on the contrary it provides (or could be considered as) an affirmation of the ‘correctness’ of the information. While the function of thermohygrographs is usually ‘judged’ on the delivery of the final diagrammatic results on paper, the presence of the additional device shifts the interest onto the recording in progress, their functioning rather than their function. This raises a question: are they ‘working’ as any other technical device or do they ‘work’ among the rest of the items displayed in a gallery?

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