Americana Breakfast table set - reflexion 23

Americana Breakfast table set - reflexion 23

Americana Breakfast table set (New York 1990-2012) stems from the traumatic events of September 11th, the destabilizing element of an equilibrium. Every traumatic event brings with it at least two states of mind: loss and acquisition. And both cling to our memory: the loss of data, spatial and temporary, that revolved around the event and the acquisition of a painful and indelible memory that forever transforms our lives, alongside with the fear that a similar event could occur again. But it is necessary to overcome this fear inside ourselves. How? Turn back, recover all the data and begin from where we were, well, where we were before “that” day.
New York represents the world, all of it, and also, but not only, America. A city that grants all, and it is for this reason that in fifteen years (from 1990 till now) I realized to have searched for its vital points through captured images, which have become the structural point of this project. Each time feeling the necessity to photograph the same things, the same places, as if in front of me there was something I had not yet seen. The blinding, frantic life of a metropolis goes on 24 hours a day with its neighborhoods, born of a well-rooted immigrant population, its skyscrapers that reflect, distort, exhibit and transform the city itself. The Twin Towers and Ground Zero, the starting point, and at the same time, final destination. In other words, to recover the memory of that which is apparently invisible, retracing ones steps, and immigration towards our inner selves, which leads us to a reflection, that exposes every possible point of view, and, for a while, transforms our life, that eases the pain and leads us to a new awareness.

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