tavolo allungabile CUBUSTEF 800

tavolo allungabile CUBUSTEF 800

The extension table CUBUSTEF 800 is the first example of what I call SCULPTURE OBJECTS. They are defined by a particular space-time dimension. The time is long and necessary for their design; dedicatory is the act by which value is attached to the practice of their project. The space is that their objective dimension assumed, however, as a representation of the object in space in the absence of man, an object seen, in fact, like a still life there in the centrality of a room, full of a certain evocative power. Then the gesture occurs, the soul and gives it function. Standing there and "heavily estate" in the space of a room, in the absence of human gesture when not in use precisely, assume a plastic value thanks to its object that the statute MATTER, steel, is able to give them. This statute materializes, also, in a very interesting contrast that is activated in the mismatch between the visual perception of lightness, for millimeter thickness, and stiffness and heaviness of his object stiffness, for the same specific gravity MATTER. A "weight" which helps to accentuate a particular awareness of their presence and perhaps their "statuesque immovability." One of the objectives of the trial is, therefore, to be able to attach to the object of daily use the "character" of a small plastic block that define "ephemeral" for the nature of the material, steel, which is easy to regenerate in other forms simply through a process of melting and subsequent remodeling.

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giulio micheletti
6 years ago
complimenti,molto particolare

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