Composizione n.1 - CUBUSTEF 800. Lavori in corso

Composizione n.1 - CUBUSTEF 800. Lavori in corso

Digital Graphics, Memory, Abstract geometrical, Computer graphics, 33x43x2cm
".... The bare steel material, softened by the organic line of floral composition by laser cutting technology, has become form. The size of objects, but here, it becomes the representation of the object in space in the absence of man, an object seen, in fact, like a still life there, in the centrality of a workshop of the production of objects of daily use, load a evocative power. It 'a time of "suspension" but told through small details (the welding, the welder's mask hanging there on the cylinder, the tools of the trade, pieces of iron is, tripods etc. ...), work and dynamism that characterize the complex but fascinating and overwhelming stage of production of a prototype of a design object ". ombretta Iardino

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Gianpaolo Marchesi
6 years ago
dream-slave group
6 years ago
Questa opera è altamente emozionante nel senso che la materia/forma così ben descritta genera emozioni profonde, universali. Il colore diventa materia esso stesso conferendo all'opera le innumerevoli composizioni che la percezione visiva regala al nostro immaginario. Giuliana

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