This work is the artist’s testimonial to the SUN, the MOON, the UNIVERSE, MOTHER EARTH, FERTILITY, MOTHERHOOD, GENEROSITY, LOVE, an ode to all things radiant, whole, good and warm, providers of life, of serenity and the source of both her creativity and inner peace. Portraying her own hands holding up high a bright globe, a metaphor for all of the above, in a mimetic gesture of adoration, Martine further expresses her poignant tribute by way of a quasi-hieroglyphic design belonging to a sign language that, albeit unwritten, is universally understood. In validating her earlier SUN/MOON work this painting is essential in her portfolio.

Remarkably effective in depicting the artist’s awe-some emotions, and a haunting expression of her acute self-awareness, is the association of an abstract symbol, the globe, and her own intently figurative hands, themselves naturalistic in shape, skin texture, and complexion, a staging of a rare poetic and expressive power, replacing the meaningful discourse.

The bright and neutral hues of her palette, applied in a seamless “SFUMATO” manner, coexist here to express the artist's exaltation in a vibrant albeit extremely tranquil and peaceful way, as if untethered by the frustrations and aggressions associated with the dissonances of her life.

Martine Martel has adopted oil, applied in a smooth texture, as if to soften the rough edges of the human drama that constitutes her daily fare. Her technique consists in layering, on canvas, veils of home-made glazes of pigments and oil, in subtle variations of hues, one by one atop of each other.

The colour glazes may be gossamer-thin, but stratified in multiple coats they alternately evoke the infinite depth of the universe or the rich translucency of stained glass. Indeed, much in the manner of a stained glass window, light seems to infuse the color from behind. In effect, the bright light of the Cote d’Azur is IN the color and dominates her work, impacting the viewer's senses and emotions.
Also available as print on heavy pure silk square 140 X 140cm

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5 years ago
alex fumagalli
6 years ago
martine martel
6 years ago
martine martel Artist, Business, Painter
Grazie a te , Valentina!
Valentina Moro
6 years ago
uso magnifico del colore

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