Billboard I

Billboard I

The painting "Billboard I" raises questions about originality in art, and on the other hand it is my own try to define my own place (as a painter) in global visual society.
In the foreground, you can see a painter (me) in front of an empty white canvas on an easel. On the painter‘s canvas there are absolutelly no colors – only the white of the gesso – so the painting is everywhere on the surface of the real painting except the ‘’painted‘‘ canvas. I used the emptyness as a symbol of our global behavior. The scene is situated on the roof of my old studio from where I had a view to a large billboard.

The painting originated from a mixture of several sketches and photos which I transformed into a new composition.

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6 years ago
RFSmith Artist
modern drama. I really like the mute dialetic between the billboard and the empty canvas...that makes you feel the loneliness that we humans sometimes have to endure in the modern cities....
Sebastiano Magnano
6 years ago
7 years ago
molto bella

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