David and the Climb Up

David and the Climb Up

Digital Photography, Death, Landscape, Mixed technique, 84x110cm
This work could be described as a parody of a landscape. Overtly epic and absurdly sublime; my goal is not to satirize but to make what I believe a contemporary landscape should be. And it's odd. When making a landscape one has to consider the subject of nature and its relationship to humans. I try to portray nature in my latest series as a work of abstract expressionism; something wholly unto itself like the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey. In the piece David and the Climb Up, the landscape is literally shaped like the monolith, colored like a Frankenthaleran gradient. What is the position of a person within that environment? I do not know but I tend to make it precarious, finite and absurd.

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Luca Capodoglio
4 years ago
Luca Capodoglio Curator, Graphic artist, Art lover
Laura Magli
4 years ago
Laura Magli Architect
Flora Unicum
5 years ago
Flora Unicum Artist

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