Bicinecleta (Bicinema)

Bicinecleta (Bicinema)

Installation, Ideas, Architecture, Political / Social, Landscape, Various materials, 90x110x190cm
Traditionally the urban character of the cities has been defined by the laws and regulations, which are not always or almost never respond to the needs of citizens, let alone to their wishes.

This was the concept that drove the construction of the Bicinecleta (Bicinema in English), to find a way of visualize the desires, needs and conflicts of the people in the same place where they occur.

It was therefore necessary to build a system that could be mobile and autonomous. The answer was to design a bike specially adapted to carry a projection system, fed by the own bike.

The first action with the Bicinecleta was held in Madrid's neighbourhood La Guindalera. For years, the Guidanlera experience an urban conflict due to a huge amount of public abandoned lots in the neighborhood, owned by the municipality, which neighbors claim to become gardens or public spaces.

That's how, for one night, people could project their desires on the walls of these spaces

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Tanya Bartolini
5 years ago

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