Live Media, Sacred / Mythological, Live mixed media
Director’s eye starts his research from a place that is at the same time remote and present, the sulphureous water-falls of Saturnia. Here, between electricity and water it perceives the origin, the first presences, it finds them in the night, it digs them in the rock, it catches them with its floodlights.
From this moment the work is already research, snare for memory, time, fear and madness’s presences and ghosts.
A trip along the peninsula to the north, from Toscana to the Adriatic Sea of the low Po delta and from there to the centre of a crepuscolar Venice, dark, not living, enchanted. At the end, here is Bologna, theater of classic allegories and daily horrors.
Camera’s sight will take us to bloody or matricide nymphs, dog-men and anthropomorphic pigs. We’ll fall in with the beauty of an ethereal Astrea escaping from Iron’s Age, of an hermaphrodite in lustful torpor. Furthermore contemporary symbols and figures, from a possessed satyr to a lonely warrior who fights against himself, against all of us and to Plague-doctors with masks, fools and spasmodic regnants. Beccari evokes and looks for Ovid behind camera.
Metamorphoses’ myths and contemporary obsessions mix togethe

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9 years ago
welovecinema Artist
very good work, yes yes yes, very good film,...

love it
Maria Aristova
9 years ago
9 years ago
ADRIA Artist
che bello!!! visto dal vivo dev esser ancor + bello.....complimenti!!

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