The paintings belonging to the series Days are characterized by a physical object, a daily newspaper, which faithfully represents one or more days of different nationalities.
The physical object attached, represents the memory of a single and precise day.
The newspaper clippings, are belonging to the city of origin, and the space drilled, re not on the same level of the canvas, but laundry and belonging to a sublevel, from the sense of not belonging and connects numerically day count of encase time, indicating the number of the day (or days), and the name of the city belonging.
The works Days individually want to communicate with the public, trapping through the memories of the newspapers, events, news bearing on it.
I chose the newspaper as a means of representation of a day / memory because in my opinion is the most sibolo of expression, and testiomonianza materialization of the day happened.
It is expressed in the form of time disconnected from everyday life to the habit but then every national event makes us live a single time as the picture crystal cited by Bergson.

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